Peppermint Park is a locally owned toy and candy wonderland, where the young and young at heart can gather and explore, play and shop. You’ll find nostalgic favorites and modern toys, plus, specialty sweets that spark the imagination. Colorful playground jungle gym structures act as displays, teeming with stuffed animals and pool floats. The typical shopping experience is transformed into a joyous adventure, allowing kids to establish new memories or adults to reconnect with their childhood. Don’t miss the rounder of vintage, 25 cent candy machines or the cotton candy carts! Explore this whimsical boutique filled with unique and innovative toys and gifts, sweet-tooth-satisfying confections, and vibrant Instagrammable moments. Peppermint Park is everyone’s happy place.

Our team at Peppermint Park is here to ensure your experience is both fun-filled and sweet!

The People

At Peppermint Park, our focus is your entertainment and wonder. As soon as you arrive, we offer cotton candy to enjoy as you explore the indoor candy and toy playground.

We want children’s eyes to light up and adults to grin from ear to ear, giving them both a sense of joy and fascination. Take a ride down memory lane when you step into the indoor playground. While adults enjoy reminiscing, children experience a whole new world of toys and candy. Our people live to bring that joy to you.

I n s t a - S w e e t s